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Alfresco Infrastructure – Skilled Outdoor Kitchen Builders!

A well planned project around  the foundation and substructure is vital if you want a long lasting alfresco outdoor kitchen. The hidden substructure  is a critical component of your infrastructure because it provides the structural support required to maintain the safety and security of your outdoor kitchen.

An incorrectly installed outdoor alfresco kitchen might increase your expenses. Therefore it’s best to leave it to professionals like the Broadbeach Alfresco Kitchen experts. The company ensures the safety and effectiveness of your alfresco kitchen and fulfils the standards required for an outdoor kitchen design.

Alfresco Infrastructure

Alfresco Kitchen on your Decking Area

Are you planning to install an outdoor kitchen on your home’s decking or porch infrastructure? You can install an outdoor alfresco kitchen on your deck or even on your porch, but first, you must determine their load bearing capacity, the type of wood used, and the materials to construct it. Then consider how your gas, water, electrical, and drainage utilities will be connected, as well as what kitchen cupboards and appliances will be suitable for outdoor use. Whether your outdoor alfresco area is a deck, patio, or porch, hiring professionals from Broadbeach Alfresco Kitchens to install your outdoor kitchen is the best way to guarantee a long lasting, functional, and visually beautiful alfresco kitchen living environment.

Paving Materials for outdoor kitchen

Paving the floor for an outdoor kitchen and pathways is an excellent idea. Whether it is made of bricks, concrete pavers, or stones, adding pavers to your alfresco kitchen is an ideal material for creating a long lasting and attractive outdoor kitchen.
To make your alfresco outdoor kitchen seem more connected to the overall design of your home, you may incorporate a variety of decorative concrete and stone features on the walls and flooring of your outdoor kitchen that complement the style of your main house. Paving made of natural stone is an excellent option for flooring due to its strength, durability, and resistance to weather.
Here are some paver material options:

Concrete pavers for alfresco kitchen

Concrete pavers are the ideal material for your outdoor kitchen’s flooring. Concrete pavers are prefabricated concrete stones available in a variety of colours and shapes. They are a durable, beautiful, and inexpensive way to create the perfect environment for entertaining family and friends in your outdoor area.

Brick materials for outdoor kitchen

Brick is a popular and traditional building material known for its durability and uses in various construction projects.

Natural Stone materials for alfresco kitchen

Natural stone paving can enhance your outdoor alfresco kitchen with a beautiful and natural appearance. Using natural stone found elsewhere in your landscape will also achieve an integrated look. However, stone can absorb grease stains and is costly. The most cost effective materials include sandstone, limestone, slate, and marble.

Polished Concrete for outdoor kitchen

Polished concrete is a low maintenance option for those who want the look of natural stone. It has the potential to replicate the luxurious appearance of materials like granite and marble.

Adding Shade to Your Outdoor Kitchen

When adding a kitchen into your outdoor living space, there are natural elements to consider. Whether your area sees a lot of sun or rain, shade options are generally helpful for your uninterrupted entertaining experience and your outdoor kitchen’s durability.
Consider installing a patio cover over your outdoor kitchen to provide shade and protection from passing rain, and especially during the summer months while you’re making meals outdoors. There are many different shade ideas to create shade and protection for your outdoor kitchen area, like pergola designs, gazebos, and canopies that you can choose.
Do you need shade and protection from the sun during the hottest time of the day but don’t want to cover your outdoor kitchen with a roof? The retractable canopy is the ideal solution for you, and it is one of the most popular additions to many different outdoor kitchen concepts and designs today. When the cover is needed, pull it out if you need it and you can hide it in if you don’t need it.
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