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Alfresco Style Features and Designs – Provide Great Outdoor Kitchens Projects!

With summer lasting most of the year and mild winters, making the most of the outdoor space makes sense. A uniquely designed alfresco outdoor kitchen is perfect for entertaining and spending time with family in the Broadbeach lifestyle. The best designed outdoor kitchen maximises the host’s convenience and enables them to stay connected with their guests.

With Broadbeach Alfresco Kitchens, your outdoor kitchen dreams will become a reality. Broadbeach Alfresco Kitchens pride themselves on their high quality outdoor kitchen designs and the long lasting functionality of the equipment. You can design the outdoor kitchen of your dreams by combining a top selection of appliances, outdoor kitchen cabinets, and flooring. You can have as straightforward or as luxurious an outdoor kitchen on your patio as your budget allows and the size of your alfresco area.

Alfresco Style Features and Designs
An alfresco kitchen will be a costly undertaking. Consider the durability of the materials and their resilience to outdoor wear and tear to avoid disappointment. These are the most important things to think about when selecting materials for your outdoor kitchen.

The Different Types of Material for Outdoor Kitchens

Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen

Stainless steel is substantially more durable and heat resistant than aluminium. Bare stainless steel is prone to rusting outdoors without careful maintenance, but adding a UV resistant powder coat finish will make it virtually maintenance free and protect it from colour fade.

Aluminium Outdoor Kitchen

Aluminium is a sleek and attractive metal that can be powder coated to reduce maintenance and enhance the looks of your dining area and outdoor kitchen. Aluminium does not rust due to its composition, yet it is susceptible to corrosion outdoors. Aluminium is a soft and lightweight metal and an excellent conductor of heat. It also has a lower melting temperature than metals that contain iron.

Plastic Outdoor Kitchen

In the area of outdoor furniture, such as kitchens, plastic is a common material. Plastic is suitable for outdoor kitchen material because it does not rust, corrode, or rot. It is also available in a wide range of colours, and it does not require painting to retain its colour appearance. Unless UV protection is applied, the colour may fade over time due to continuous exposure to sunlight.

Concrete Outdoor Kitchen

A concrete outdoor kitchen is a long lasting, low cost material that can withstand high temperatures and is suitable around grills and other high heat outdoor appliances. You can modify the beauty of the concrete outdoor kitchen by honed concrete or adding some decorative concrete such as colours, stones, and tiles to make it more appealing for your outdoor space.

Wood Outdoor Kitchen

Because wood is the most common material for interior kitchen cabinets, it is also an attractive material for outdoor kitchen cabinets. Outdoor kitchens benefit from the natural appearance of wooden cabinets. It’s important to remember that it requires regular cleaning and maintenance when the wood is exposed outdoors. The most durable wooden cabinets are stained or painted pressure treated wood because these options give the best protection against rotting.

Modular Outdoor Kitchen

Prefabricated outdoor kitchens are simple and cost effective solutions to incorporate a kitchen into your backyard or patio. Modular outdoor kitchens come in various styles and include popular extras such as small refrigerators, waterproof outdoor kitchen cabinets, and bespoke outdoor kitchen bench tops.

Layout Shapes for an alfresco kitchen

Outdoor kitchens come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from straight runs to G shaped layouts. Broadbeach Alfresco Kitchens offers various outdoor kitchen designs in different shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose any layout shape that you desire. Most alfresco kitchens, on the other hand, are best suited to the following popular layout shapes.

Straight Run

Everything is in a straight line, from the cupboards to the appliances. This design is ideal for outdoor locations with limited space.

U Shaped

The U shaped outdoor kitchens are excellent for outdoor entertainment, workspace, and efficiency. When all appliances are appropriately placed, the U shaped creates the desirable work triangle that maximizes efficiency in food preparation.

L Shaped

The L shaped design has a natural work triangle formed by continuous counter space and workstations along two adjacent walls. This outdoor kitchen layout is an advantage because it provides an efficient work area for the cook while allowing enjoyable interaction with the guests.

G Shaped

Because a G shaped design is a version of a U shaped layout, it is essential to keep the same factors in mind when using this pattern. It features cabinets on three sides, including a peninsula or a partial fourth wall of cabinets. Compared to the other outdoor kitchen design options, it provides a workspace and storage area, so it is the best choice for ample alfresco space.

Additional Amenities to Complete Your Outdoor Kitchen!

The best outdoor kitchen ideas and designs will incorporate additional amenities that attract you to spending more time outdoors than just cooking and eating. Creating a fully functional outdoor kitchen area is more leisurely by adding a range of outdoor rated accessories and amenities.

Here are some other things that you can include in an outdoor kitchen living space:

  • an outdoor fireplace
  • ceiling fans
  • Alfresco drinks fridge and bar
  • an outdoor television and accessories
  • a hot tub or Jacuzzi or a built in spa
  • a pavilion, awning, or pergola

Do you have a plan for your alfresco area that is entirely different from everyone else’s? Do you want to make your outdoor living area more inviting? As an outdoor kitchen specialist, we can bring your ideas to life. Outdoor kitchen builders at Broadbeach Alfresco Kitchens are ready to provide and create a less stressful alfresco kitchen installation experience from the planning stage through to the completion of your project.

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