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Cupboards, Bench top, Fridge, Oven, etc

Durability is essential when choosing materials for cabinetry and bench tops. Because most alfresco locations are vulnerable to moisture from condensation, it is vital to use the proper materials to ensure that your outdoor kitchen lasts.

Outdoor kitchen cabinets are available in various materials, including stainless steel, reclaimed wood, teak, bamboo, cypress, and waterproof polymer materials designed to withstand extreme heat, humidity, and cold. The most important factors to consider when constructing an outdoor kitchen cupboard are the space, budget, and the best material for the outdoor environment.

Most Popular Types of Outdoor Kitchen Cupboards Materials

Stainless steel

A notable reason for the popularity of stainless steel kitchen cabinets is that it is highly well suited for an outdoor kitchen area. Because of high quality stainless steel materials, one of the primary advantages of these cabinets is their long-term durability.

Cupboards, Bench top, Fridge, Oven, etc

Marine grade aluminium

Aluminium is an excellent alternative metal cabinet material. Marine grade aluminium is a perfect option for outdoor kitchen cabinets, and you can add features like pullout drawers and accessory racks to make them more functional.


PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a synthetic polymer material that is one of the most recent outdoor kitchen cabinet materials. PVC is entirely weatherproof and will never rust or stain. PVC kitchen cabinets are also easy to maintain and clean.


Though genuine wood cabinets are less common in outdoor kitchens than the other cabinet options mentioned above, some homeowners prefer them for various reasons. In outdoor kitchens, some individuals love the natural beauty of real wood cabinets. Teak, mahogany, and white oak are some of the wood options that can be weather resistant materials.

Outdoor Kitchen Bench top Materials

Outdoor kitchen bench tops are used primarily for food preparation and serving while also protecting the outdoor kitchen cabinets and appliances below. That is why it is vital to use weatherproof and durable outdoor countertop materials.

Stone Bench top

Stone comes in various shapes and sizes, and you may use any of them for your outdoor kitchen bench top. Granite is a widely used and durable material. It is resistant to the weather, does not acquire stains or odours as quickly as other stones, and does not fade in the sun.

Concrete Bench top

Bench tops made of concrete are the most popular choice for outdoor kitchens. Concrete countertops are ideal for outdoor kitchen design since they are low maintenance and can be customised.

Tile Bench top

Tile is another option for an outdoor kitchen bench top, which is an excellent choice if you’re on a budget and looking for simple yet excellent outdoor countertop ideas.

Other Alfresco Kitchen Appliances

Outdoor Kitchen Fridge

A fridge is an excellent addition to any outdoor kitchen. A refrigerator situated conveniently outside helps to reduce the need to go into the house. Having an alfresco drinks fridge and bar in your alfresco outdoor kitchen makes it easier to prepare meals, snacks, and drinks, and you can entertain your guests even more right away.

Outdoor Oven

Include an outdoor oven as another alternative for cooking outside in your kitchen. An outdoor oven can be a traditional oven, such as a brick or stone pizza oven.

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